Patient Testimonials

Below you will find some real patient feedback following sedation treatment

  • “After the iv went in I really don't remember or felt anything. It achieved the objective. Thank you.”

  • “ Dear Gunjan..all fine . I feel a lot better now. The sedation was just at the right level and I felt very relaxed during the whole procedure. Thank you. ”

  • “No ill effects at all.”

    I would like to thank you for your help with my treatment as I have a long standing fear of dentists caused by a rather harrowing experience or several in my youth so to have the support yesterday was a game changer for me.

    I don't even remember the first 4 extractions and the final 3 were so much less stressful and not painful at all, and I have felt calm throughout, indeed I would probably have not gone through with any of it without sedation.

    So thank you again

  • “Finally, I had a positive experience with dentists. I used to suffer from dental phobia and it was a nightmare for me when I knew that my wisdom tooth should be removed.”

    I asked for Conscious Sedation in order to proceed with my dental treatment. Dr G. Aggarwal is very friendly and patient, she was able to absorb my fear and phobia before, on the day, and after treatment. She explained all details of the Conscious Sedation procedure, followed up after the treatment, and replied to my concerns through emails immediately. I did not feel any pain during the treatment or even after. I highly recommend.

  • “I had a great experience with you. The sedation went without incident and you took the time to explain the procedure, the effect, the time and also post-procedure experience.”

    This made it possible for me to undergo a double wisdom tooth extraction without the anxiety and fear I would have normally had to endure. If I ever have to complete a similar procedure again I would not hesitate to use your services.

  • “I suffer with a painful TMJ. Conscious Sedation helped me make the implant procedure both bearable and pain free. I would certainly recommend it.”


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